Sometimes you are going to have to turn your well-written research paper into a PowerPoint presentation. How are you going to get that done? We have compiled a group of sites that will provide examples as well as walkthroughs for converting your research paper into a PowerPoint presentation.


Slideshare is a great social networking site dedicated to sharing knowledge and presentations. This website is run by LinkedIn and knows how to keep the social element of learning alive. If you want to submit your slide show to you can get feedback before your presentation is due. If you are just looking for examples of research paper guide presentations, then look no further. This site has a ton of presentations.

TPW: The Writing Program

The writing program at Duke University offers a great handout on how you should convert your paper into a PowerPoint presentation. The site goes over everything you need to know before you convert your paper. The items discussed are visuals, speaking style, and formatting. If you don’t want to look at sample after sample, this site will walk you through the process.


If you would like to watch presentations of research papers, go visit YouTube. Searching for research presentations on this site is easy, it also comes with audio. The audio element of YouTube can help you figure out what tempo to speak at when giving a research presentation.

School Websites

Your school’s website should be one of your most frequented websites. They have tons of information and usually, host a lot of online resources. Many department heads have their own websites as well. Often your school’s website will have examples of presentations that have been completed by students in the past. The school’s website will also show a presentation in a preferred format, which may not happen on other websites.

Now you have four great resources to look at when trying to find examples of research paper presentations. Each example will offer its own spin on what types of presentations are going to be considered appropriate.

If you have looked at all of these websites and are still lost, you may need to check in with your professor. They will likely have tons of examples of past students that you can see. They may even provide you with examples of what not to do.