When you are learning how to write your first research paper, it is important that you know how to complete the entire research process. Here are steps that should help you complete the research paper basics.

  1. Choose a Topic

  2. The first thing that you need to do for your paper is to choose what you want to write about, your topic. If your instructor gave you a topic, choose which angle to write the paper. Once you know your idea, you can write a solid thesis statement.

  3. Find Your Evidence

  4. The very basics of research paper writing are to find evidence and support your ideas. Find credible sources that back you up. If you have an idea about your topic, but there is no evidence to support your idea, you may need to change the thesis statement for your paper.

  5. Outline

  6. Now you have all your evidence, outline your paper in a way that makes sense. Having an outline will make writing your paper easier. The outline shows you where your ideas have a home in your paper. It can also help you see if any of your points don’t support your thesis.

  7. 1-3-1

  8. When you know how to write your first research paper, you will learn the method for organizing your thoughts. The 1-3-1 method refers to writing 1 sentence for the main idea, 3 supporting pieces of evidence, 1 conclusion sentence to wrap it up. Remember that paragraphs shouldn’t be more than 5-7 sentences long.

  9. Review and Finalize

  10. Review your work for mistakes. Make sure your evidence actually supports your ideas. If your evidence doesn’t seem to support your thesis statement, you should change the supporting point.

    These 5 steps are going to make sure you are a master at research paper basics. Always support your thesis statement. This is the critical element in research paper writing. If you support your main idea, then it doesn’t matter how crazy your topic is. You’ve found evidence to support that idea and organized it so that other people can see that evidence too.