The phrase “nature vs. nurture” relates to the long discussion about the effects of genetics and social environment on the development of a person and their distinctive traits. If you’re asked to write a research paper on such a topic, one of the main steps in your work will be to outline your text properly. This way, it’ll be easier and faster for you to compose a decent paper that will clearly convey your opinion on the matter and the results of your study.
Outlining a “Nature and Nurture” Research Paper

  1. Outlining an introduction.
  2. Here, you should present the topic of “nature and nurture” and briefly provide its history. Then, you should inform the reader about your view on this matter and indicate what exact question related to “nature and nurture” you’re going to answer in your paper. Lastly, you should provide the scope of your study.
    Outlining the literature review.
    This section of your paper should elaborate on the previous studies related to your topic and indicate what schools of thought different authors stick to. Mention only the most important sources used in your study and write briefly about their authors.

  3. Outlining the methodology.
  4. In this chapter, you should explain what strategy you’ve chosen to conduct your study. Also, you should mention all the instruments that you’ve used and all the people who have participated in your tests. Then, you should provide a thorough description of all procedures that you’ve conducted.

  5. Outlining the findings discussion.
  6. This chapter should present the actual outcomes of your study and explain their meaning. Indicate whether the results have met your expectations and explain how the data you’ve found can help other scholars who work in the same field.

  7. Outlining a conclusion.
  8. Here, you should summarize all the points that have been mentioned in the academic work and indicate its significance. Also, you should present a number of ways for other students to continue the study of the “nature and nurture” topic.
    These are only the basic guidelines for making an outline for your paper. If you want to learn more about outlining, you should look at this site.

Sources to Help You with Outlining

  • Your instructor.
  • You may bring your outline to your instructor for examination. They’ll indicate what should be changed and explain how to improve your outline.

  • Academic centers.
  • You may take writing courses in such a center. This way, you’ll improve different skills related to academic paper writing, including making outlines.

  • A tutor.
  • You may hire a professional academic writer to supervise the work on your paper and assist you with different steps, including outlining.
    The tips above should help you craft a great outline for your “nature and nurture” paper which should positively affect your final score.