How To Write A Research Paper Outline: 5 Easy Ideas To Follow

Below are 5 easy ideas to follow to create a detailed outline for a research paper. This method revolves around writing your paper through gradual additions to your outline. If you follow these steps, the final product should be a bulleted version of your final paper. Write an impactful thesis statement. This arguably the most […]

Preparing To Write An A+ Research Paper: Planning Guide

Writing a quality paper does not happen over-night. It takes meticulous planning to put together a well-developed essay. This research paper guide will outline each of necessary steps towards producing that A+ paper you are seeking. Choosing a topic. Picking a solid topic can be a deceivingly difficult task. Students tend to pick topics that […]

High Quality Research Paper Powerpoint Presentation Examples

Sometimes you are going to have to turn your well-written research paper into a PowerPoint presentation. How are you going to get that done? We have compiled a group of sites that will provide examples as well as walkthroughs for converting your research paper into a PowerPoint presentation. Slideshare Slideshare is a great social networking […]

Ultimate Guide To A Basic Structure Of A Research Paper

Writing a paper can be fairly easy unless you have to file a specific style guideline. The basic research paper structure APA [American Psychological Association] formatting is simple to follow if you take a look at this easy style guide. Layout APA has specific guidelines when it comes to how your paper is formatted. A […]

How To Cite Research Paper: Short Guide To MLA Style

Having a proper citation can be the difference between an A on a paper and a meeting with your school‘s academic honesty advisor. Your instructor, or major, will determine which citation format that you use. Here is a short guide to MLA style citations for research papers. Works Cited Page The primary element for citations […]

How To Compose A Research Paper – Steps For New Writers

When you are learning how to write your first research paper, it is important that you know how to complete the entire research process. Here are steps that should help you complete the research paper basics. Choose a Topic The first thing that you need to do for your paper is to choose what you […]