Psychology Term Papers: A Brief Overview

Term papers in psychology can be very challenging. Since you’ll have the whole semester to put these together, I highly recommend choosing your topic early so that you can begin the process of reading for this early on. Many of the articles and books you will have to read for this kind of a term paper will be very, very challenging to read. Starting early assures you plenty of time to collect the best sources and organize the material for a long paper effectively.

Choosing the Best Topic For a Psychology Term Paper

A term paper for a psychology paper frequently tracks how research on a certain topic has evolved over time or gives an overview on new theories on certain psychological problems and behavioral disorders. For example, you could review new drugs that target major depressive disorder, or the evolution of our understanding on Borderline Personality Disorder.

The Art of Narrowing Your Term Paper Topic

What you want to do, most importantly, is to pick a focused topic with a significant body of research, but not so much you will be reading for the next ten decades, right? So, if you have a long, long project such as “Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder,” you might want to go with “New Insights in the Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.” This will allow you to focus on new understandings of the disorder without a long, introductory explanation of the problem.

Organizing Your Term Paper

With psychology research, you want to move from a brief introduction into your findings pretty quickly so that you can get moving. It will take you a lot of time to discuss current research into different psychological maladies. You don’t have to discuss every article on your topic or every experiment into the problem either. What you want to do is to discuss the most significant research on the problem.

Sample Organization of a Psychology Term Paper

If we want to take a term paper topic such as “New Theories in Borderline Personality Disorder,” for example, you could organize the paper like this.

  1. Introduction: Briefly explain the new interest in your topic
  2. Thesis Statement: “In this term paper, I’m going to discuss some of the new theories in Borderline Personality and discuss some important cases as well.
  3. Body—discuss different theories one by one
  4. Move to a Close that Makes a Review Statement of the Research